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Firstly, they weren't worthwhile and, secondly, placing customer valuables, together with the banks’ personal cash and paperwork, of their open vaults was excessive risk from a security point-of-view. Now that the (successful) independent secure deposit firms had established that clients were ready to pay for the service, it turned a logical transfer for the banks to equip their vaults with secure deposit box services and begin charging their clients a extra affordable payment. This was a wise concept in precept, but bank prospects had been (and still are) notoriously reluctant to pay for what they thought to be "part of the service". However, the banks with their present department networks and ready-made customers would show too highly effective for the rising independent gamers, especially in less populous areas. Further legislation in the US in the 1920s permitted banks to interact in the protected deposit business by means of secure deposit subsidiaries. This enabled banks owned by a financial institution holding company to interact "lawfully" in protected deposit actions and it also accelerated the means of buying their impartial competitors.

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